What we do

Ecosystem Mapping
We analyse and map ecosystems worldwide using our in-house developed mapping tool.
Ecosystem Building
We develop the building blocks of ecosystems on a regional and national level.
Ecosystem Advice
We provide actionable advice and support to develop strong ecosystems and support new concepts designed to foster innovation.
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Who we are

Halbe & Koenraads is a boutique consultancy firm specialising in innovation ecosystems.

We at Halbe & Koenraads firmly believe in the added value of a strong innovation ecosystem with an infrastructure that helps startups start and grow. Together with our network of universities, corporates, startups and government, we connect, strengthen and grow ecosystems.

Halbe & Koenraads is part of
HK Group.

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Latest Work

Startup Infrastructure Diagram
Mapping ecosystems worldwide

Ecosystem Insights
Sharing best practices to stimulate collaboration in the Omani startup ecosystem.
StartupDelta Summit
Get-together of the whole Dutch Startup Ecosystem

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