Examples of our work

Developing incubators

We transform real estate into hubs for innovation, education and entrepreneurship. One of our flagship projects is the development of the Rotterdam Science Tower. In just 4 years we led the transformation of 15.000m2 and created a lively hub in the Rotterdam Innovation District. The RST brings together researchers, startups, students and professionals and proves to be an important source of collaboration, innovation and new business development.

Example: Rotterdam Science Tower

Facilitating nation-wide collaboration

We strongly believe in the added value of nation-wide collaboration to strengthen ecosystems. Halbe & Koenraads developed the StartupDelta2020 strategy that led to the second term of StartupDelta led by Special Envoy Prince Constantijn of the Netherlands. StartupDelta is an independent public-private partnership aimed at strengthening, connecting and growing the thriving startup ecosystem of the Netherlands.

Example: StartupDelta

Fostering regional ecosystems

Halbe & Koenraads developed innovation ecosystem in Rotterdam (20 million+ budget) through the Valorisatieprogramma Rotterdam (VPR). VPR is an initiative of universities, businesses and the municipality of Rotterdam to promote knowledge transfer and -utilization and entrepreneurship. The programme was a strong boost for the region’s innovative capacity.

Example: VPR

Bringing together the ecosystem

We bring together universities, corporates and governments and share our knowledge and experiences. We foster collaboration to create an infrastructure for startups to start, grow, and expand internationally.

Example: StartupDelta Summit

Strengthening entrepreneurship education

At Halbe & Koenraads we believe in stimulating entrepreneurial talent. We look after national cooperation and foster a community of key players in the field of education and research.

Example: DutchCE

Stakeholder repositioning

We help with the repositioning of stakeholders to increase their impact and relevance within the ecosystem.

Example: SMO

Ecosystem Impact Measurement

We organise workshops and events for key stakeholders in the ecosystem where we share our insights and offer practical tools to participants to measure and improve their impact in the ecosystem.

Example: Oman tourism industry